Company Overview

Tirine Publishing opened in 2003. During the first few years the focus was on importing posters and timelines from overseas publishers. In 2007, Tirine began to publish its own posters. These first posters proved that there was a need for visual resources that more accurately met the needs of New Zealand curriculum.

The initial focus has been on providing resources for the senior school. Many of the posters currently available have aimed at students in Years 9 and 11. The intention however is to produce posters that will meet the curriculum needs of Years 7 to 13. The long-term goal is also to focus on covering all subjects offered in the middle and senior school.

Tirine Publishing has no 'bricks and mortar' shop front. The business is run entirely over the web. The logic behind this approach is to ensure that team is entirely focussed on developing and supplying products to customers.

Our Goals

1. Publish high quality posters at an affordable price that meet the needs of teachers and students.
2. Develop resources that specifically match the aims and objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum
3. To develop supporting resources that better link posters to the needs of modern classrooms in the digital age.

A picture is worth a  thousand words.

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